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Pope Francis: Christians Are Persecuted ‘in Europe’


This week, Pope Francis reminded us that Christians today continue to be persecuted and to give their lives as martyrs throughout the world, even in Europe.

“Around the world today, in Europe, so many Christians are persecuted and give their lives for their faith,” the pope told the thousands gathered in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall for his weekly audience, “or they are persecuted with white gloves, that is, ostracized and marginalized.”

The pope also recalled that persecution and martyrdom are part and parcel with Christianity, from its beginnings until the end of time.

“Martyrdom is the life’s breath of a Christian, of a Christian community,” he continued. “There will always be martyrs among us: this is the sign that we are traveling on the path of Jesus.”

In his remarks, the pope was reflecting on a passage from the biblical book of the Acts of the Apostles in which Saint Paul recounts his conversion to Christianity and the subsequent persecution he suffered for the faith.

Maybe the Pontiff could've called out the Islamic grooming gangs targeting young English girls in towns and cities through our land. That would've been impressive.