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Tory councillor, 81, is suspended for saying she doesn't want 'Pride sex flags' in high streets


A Tory councillor has been suspended for saying she does not want 'Pride sex flags' on high streets.

Angela Kilmartin, who works for Braintree District Council in Essex, is under investigation after making the comments on Facebook.

She also said in her post: 'Sex is for the bedroom and private life, not for displaying preferences in public.'

The 81-year-old wrote in a community group on Wednesday after a man offered Pride flags for local businesses to display in shop windows in Witham.

In response, Mrs Kilmartin said: 'I don't want Pride sex flags along my high street. I don't even want heterosexual flags along my high street.'

It is believed that the Conservative council group suspended her for 21 days, pending a full investigation

In June 2020, the council appointed an LGBTQ+ ambassador and a rainbow flag is flown from the town hall during Pride Month in June.

Mrs Kilmartin told the BBC: 'I stand by what I said. We didn't even have Olympic flags up when that was happening.'

She also declared that she had already decided to step down as councillor ahead of local elections on May 4 after serving for 16 years.