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Over Half Million in Taxpayer Money Spent on Promoting LGBTQ+ ‘Pride’ Month


Local governments throughout Britain spent over £500,000 in taxpayer money during LGBTQ+ Pride Month to promote the leftist sex agenda, including drag time story hour events, rainbow flags, and propaganda clothing for state employees.

According to research conducted by the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), during the month of June, alone, local councils, police forces, fire services, and National Health Service trusts spent a staggering £554,000 on promulgating the increasingly radical ideology surrounding so-called LGBTQ+ issues, The Telegraph reported.

Unsurprisingly, far-left Sadiq Khan’s London led the way in Pride spending, dumping £126,700 for flags, t-shirts, and grant funds last month, despite the ongoing cost of living crisis ravaging the wallets of many in the city.

At the London Pride Parade, Khan vowed to continue pursuing his leftist gender agenda, saying: “I’ll say this loud and clear, from Trafalgar Square, trans rights are human rights… As long as I’m Mayor, I’ll always be an ally of the LGBTQI+ community and campaign for their rights.”

According to the Taxpayer’s Alliance, the majority of the taxpayer money went to sponsoring Pride Parades, with Surrey Council dedicating £93,065 to a single Pride event. The report found that in addition to such events, there were also many smaller public sector gatherings funded by the taxpayer.

One such event was a “drag story time event” hosted by Islington Council in London, intended for infants under the age of five years old on June 27th.

A description of the event reportedly read: “Celebrate Pride month at Islington Ecology Centre with Adam All and Apple, the infamous drag couple that bring colour, glitter and fun to storytime.

“They’ll be singing and dancing their way through some of their favourite books and keeping all the children utterly enthralled.”

On top of the hundreds of thousands spent on pride events, at least one local government, the Labour Party-controlled Hounslow Council in London reportedly spent nearly £50,000 to paint a “rainbow junction” across a busy street to show the council’s commitment to the agenda.