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Illegal migrant sets up home in pub's smoking area


An illegal migrant has set up home in a pub's smoking area, but despite the authorities being told, no-one has come to pick him up.

The boozer's landlord said he begged the authorities to help the homeless man since he arrived and 'presented himself' at the bar.

Christopher McMillan, of The Three Horseshoes pub in Duton Hill, Essex, near Stansted Airport, said the man - called Ahmed - set himself up in the smoking area on May 25.

Kind McMillan said he took the man to his own home to give him food, wash his clothes and give him a shower after he turned up at the bar asking for a few pounds to buy a coffee.

MailOnline understands that Ahmed, who is 29 and from Gaza, applied for asylum in the country, but both this and his subsequent appeal was refused.

He reportedly sleeps in the pub gardens in the sheltered smoking area, or behind a bush, in the daytime.

At night, he 'walks the streets because it is too cold and too wet'.

The pub boss said he feels 'very sorry for him' and said he has been in touch with Uttlesford District Council for help 'many times'.

Despite this, he says no one has come to help him and he remains living in the smoking area.

Mr McMillan told LBC: 'Everybody is absolutely refusing any duty of care to him because of his immigration status.

'We basically have an illegal immigrant on the premises, but no one is coming to pick him up and I have no idea what is going to happen'.

He went on to clarify he doesn't 'have a problem' with the migrant sleeping at his pub because he is 'safer' there, but is concerned no one has come to check on him.

The pub boss claimed he has reported Ahmed as being homeless 'repeatedly' but 'no one has come here because we are extremely rural'.

LBC reported Ahmed arrived in the UK when he was 16-years-old after travelling through numerous countries.

The pub landlord claimed that in one conversation with a council official he was told to contact the Israeli embassy for the Palestinian asylum seeker. 

He is thought to have paid around €2,000 to be smuggled in by train from France.

Records suggest he claimed asylum in 2012 whilst living in Birmingham, but the application was refused.

Ahmed left sheltered accommodation and ended up homeless. It is thought he spent a few years living in England's capital before deciding to leave and then walked 50 miles to the Dunmow area of Essex.