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Asylum seeker accused of rape at migrant hotel ‘goes missing’ in Buckinghamshire


An asylum seeker arrested for rape at a migrant hotel has gone missing after being transferred to another hotel booked by the Home Office.

With a police investigation into the matter seemingly ongoing, the man was released on bail under the condition that he returns to a designated station sometime in January next year.

However, the Home Office is then said to have attempted to move the migrant from where he was staying to another location, though now appears to have lost him in the process.

“Buckinghamshire Council learned third-hand from a London borough just this morning that an asylum seeker who is under investigation for a very serious offence was transferred to the asylum hotel in Buckingham… but was not escorted into the premises and has since gone missing,” Greg Smith MP told the Commons.

An official from the Home Office has since said that they do not have the power to detain anyone, and that the bail conditions of any migrant suspected of a crime are up to said migrant and law enforcement authorities.

However, the London Metropolitan Police are reportedly maintaining that it was the Home Office that was responsible for housing and moving the migrant, and that any suggestion the police should have escorted the suspect from one location to another during the move was ultimately unjustified.