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Boat Migrants: Record 1,185 crossed Channel in ONE day


Boris Johnson has urged France to 'close off' the flow of migrants crossing into their country to stop them from sailing to the UK after a record 1,185 migrants crossed the Channel in one single day this week.

Whitehall sources blasted France for 'ceding sovereign territory to people smugglers' in an incendiary attack on Emmanuel Macron's government as a record daily number of migrants crossed the English Channel.

The Prime Minister went on to hit out at France for not closing down their borders or policing their beaches, arguing that migrants are arriving in France with the purpose of sailing across the English Channel. 

He said: 'We are working all the time with our French colleagues, the whole of Europe faces a migration crisis as you can see with what is happening in Belarus and elsewhere, but we need to focus on those French beaches.

'What I would say to our French friends is if you close off the door to the corridor at the far end, then people won't come into the corridor at the other end. 

'We need to close down that movement from the French beaches to the UK, if you want to stop people coming into France to come to the UK.'

Thursday's total surpassed the previous single-day record for the current crisis of 853 set earlier this month as the November figure soars past 3,000.

Lifeboat crews and Border Force boats were busy well into the evening after spending hours intercepting boats in the Dover Straight throughout the day.

As of lunchtime on Friday no migrants had been spotted entering Britain amid rough seas, huge downpours and strong winds.