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One in Four Young Muslims Refuse to Condemn Charlie Hebdo Terror Killings


A survey released by the Institut Français d’Opinion Publique (Ifop) has revealed that 26 per cent of French Muslims under the age of 25 refuse to condemn the 2015 Charlie Hebdo terror killings.

The study, which was undertaken in partnership with the satirical newspaper itself, revealed that 59 per cent of the French general public supported Charlie Hebdo‘s right to publish depictions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed — 21 per cent more than a similar study in 2006.

41 per cent of Muslims said they would not participate in a minute’s silence for the victims, and a quarter of Muslims said they would even hurl insults during ceremonies to honour those slain.

Gérard Biard, editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, commented on the results, saying: “In 2020, when you’re between 15 and 24, freedom of expression is probably not a priority, unlike the fable maintained by billionaires who own social networks.”

Further, a leaked report earlier this year from the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) said that as many as 150 neighbourhoods across France were “held” by radical Islamic extremists.

France of course is not unique, you can be pretty certain that the figures of those refusing to denounce terror attacks are similar here in England too.