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Remainer Alliance wants to force early Brexit extension!


Anti-Brexit opposition leaders are meeting today to plot a way of forcing Boris Johnson to request a Brexit extension as early as this weekend.

The Remain coalition will meet in Jeremy Corbyn’s office to discuss changing the law to bring forward the date when the Prime Minister legally has to ask Brussels to extend Article 50.

They believe the current deadline of Oct 19 does not leave enough time for a court challenge to stop a no-deal Brexit on Oct 31 if Mr Johnson defies the law and refuses to ask for an extension.

The Liberal Democrats want the deadline brought forward by two weeks to this Saturday, Oct 5.

The opposition parties hope to seize control of parliamentary business while the Conservatives are attending their annual AGM.

It really is the people against Parliament now. We know a majority of the MPs lied to their voters in their manifestos and twice have locked the people out of their own Parliament by refusing to let the people vote on Parliament's reprehensible betrayal of the will of the people.