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Ridiculous: Sadiq Khan in nonsense EU citizenship plea for LONDON


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has proposed Londoners be granted the benefits of being part of the EU through “associate citizen membership.” The London Mayor told ITV: “Those Londoners who still want to have a close connection to the EU would be able to travel to the European Union quite easily.

“There are many of us in London and across our country who still want to have a connection with the EU even though we have left.”

On being questioned regarding how he proposed that Londoners would have access to this "association", Khan answered: “It could be a stamp in your passport or a separate document.

“That is one of the things we are going to raise with Brussels.

“We are going to make sure that is one of the things they discuss with Boris Johnson’s Government when they begin negotiations next month.”

One frustrated viewer wrote: “The nonsense engulfing Labour leadership candidates has effected Labour Mayors as well.”

Another outraged viewer simply added: “Sadiq Khan, he doesn’t speak for London.”

Others expressed annoyance at the London Mayor’s inability to solve more pressing issues for London.