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Robin Tilbrook Interview: On Brexit and the Law


Recently, English Democrats Chairman Robin Tilbrook sat down with the Jeff Taylor to discuss our ongoing Brexit court case.

How is it that Gina Miller and her liberal, traitor allies can get their cases before the Supreme Court without a fuss, but a well-respectable Party like ours must jump over hurdles just to get before a judge?

It is because they are terrified of our case!

Mr. Tilbrook talks about the BBC bias towards the party and his permanent ban from Facebook by former Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg (now Director of Facebook in Europe.)

But we will not be discouraged. We will continue our fight until Brexit is implemented and the will of our people is realised. As patriots, we owe a duty to our ancestors and to the generations to come. 

What would our ancestors think if they could see us now?

Our democracy has been subverted, the will of the people has been cast aside and mass immigration continues uninterpreted. 

Now more than ever, we need stout-hearted, patriotic men and women to rally to the cause of English freedom.

The establishment is at war with the English people!

When the armies of Napoleon threatened to invade, did we crumble? No! When German bombs rained down on our people, did we surrender? No! Then why are we allowing foreign agents and Europhile traitors to wreck our nation one institution at a time?

It is time to heed the call of our ancestors and fight and sacrifice for England once again. Are you with me?

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