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Robin Tilbrook talks Law with Daddy Dragon


I just wanted to update you regarding the fast-moving situation with Based Any who has been jailed for DARING to call the wretched Anna Soubry a TRAITOR!

We have now raised just enough money to pay the lawyers the fist lot of money to deal with the two appeals against these convictions and to submit an application to have her freed for Christmas.

We also desperately need money to challenge the veracity of these convictions and to set a precedent as these ‘anti-stalking’ laws are meant for persistent and dangerous stalkers NOT as a tool to close down peaceful political debate that could upset the remainiacs. 

The legal principles at stake here are far-reaching and potentially very dangerous to ALL of us. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us all to lend a hand in this incredibly important fight.

I know it’s Christmas and you are rather preoccupied but let’s not forget that one of our own is in Prison for having the guts to say to Anna Soubry’s face what you and I would have loved to have said. The legal appeals have brought nowhere near the money that is needed and I would urge you to chip in whatever you can despite the pressures of Christmas.