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Romanian lorry driver jailed over plan to dodge deportation order


A Romanian lorry driver who attempted to smuggle four migrants out of the UK - thought to be as part of a plan to dodge a deportation order and smuggle them back in - has been jailed.

Officers from the National Crime Agency found four men - two Bangladeshis, one Indian and one Egyptian - hidden in the rear of the trailer.

They were all suspected of having been in the UK illegally and detained by immigration enforcement.

The HGV had been booked on a ferry to Calais later that day.

Halmaghe, from Tulcea in Romania, was charged with facilitating illegal immigration and pleaded guilty at Canterbury Crown Court. He was sentenced to 31 months in prison on Friday. 

It is not clear at this stage why these migrants were on their way out of the UK but there have been previous instances where migrants have allegedly left the country to evade deportation with the intention of returning to the UK again.

Once on the continent, migrants can apply for asylum and if successful, are likely to be returned to their chosen EU country instead of their homeland.