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The Royal Household: Still too white


Plans to increase diversity in the royal household have stalled over the last year.

In the wake of the royal race row, following accusations by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, officials vowed to increase the proportion of ethnic minority employees and increase awareness and training, both in person and online.

But last year the percentage remained static for the second year running at 9.7 per cent, just short of their original 10 per cent target.

Despite that, the palace has now set itself a new target of 14 per cent of employees from ethnic minority backgrounds.

The palace insist take-up on their programme of training, although largely voluntary, has been 'some of the best we've had'.

But they say that they want to do 'better' and are willing to be 'held to account' for their lack of rapid progress.

A senior official said: 'Her late Majesty and Their Majesties and other members of the royal family have always promoted and embraced the diversity of our nation. It's therefore important that our own workforce reflects the communities that we serve.

'We recognise we are not where we need to be. We recognise we need to do more. And we expect you to ask these questions...and hold us accountable for the progress, or lack of progress, that we have made.'

Meanwhile,Ā Kensington Palace havw revealed that 16.3 per cent of its workforce are from an ethnic minority background and 64 per cent of its staff are female.