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Home Office LOSE 3,557 Rwanda bound migrants


You literally couldn’t make this up. As a Home Office civil servant their job was to handle the paper work for the illegal migrants landing at Dover.

Almost on landing, the migrants were given free accommodation, a £49 weekly allowance and unbelievably a letter which said that when legally possible they were to be flown to Rwanda where they would stay while their asylum claim was looked at.

And what do you think happened next?

Of the 5,700 migrants who received the letters only 2,145 of them can now be found. The other 3,557 cannot now be ‘’located’’. That is civil servant speak for vanished. Disappeared. Legged it. Run off. Hiding out. Or have taken the ferry to Ireland.

Surely it occurred to the Home Office that if you alert the migrants in advance that they may be flown to Africa to wait, for an unspecified time, to know their fate they may not hang around in the joint supplied to them by the government.

The migrants picked out for Rwanda all arrived illegally on our shores in small boats between January 2022 and June 2023. So, these folk have been looking at this letter for the best part of a couple of years knowing that the moment was coming closer and closer.

And now with the Rwanda bill having sailed through Parliament it’s time to tell the migrants to prepare for taking the first flight in around a couple of months. And that, of course, was when the ghastly truth emerged.

They knocked at the door, rang the bell, made a phone call and surprisingly nobody was in. The Times quote ‘’sources’’ at the Home Office saying they accepted that there was a significant risk that the migrants would abscond following the Rwanda scheme getting the green light.

The migrants knew that they would be taken from their current accommodation and moved to one of the UK’s permanent immigration removal centres where they will be kept until take-off. There will still be enough of them to fill up the planes, but what has happened to the rest?