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Salisbury Review Backs the English Democrats for Southend!


The Salisbury Review is Britain’s best respected journal of true conservative (small-c!) thought. Founded in 1982, the magazine was formerly edited by renowned philosopher Roger Scruton.

Its current editor, Myles Harris has included in the latest issue a three-page article entitled simply, The English Democrats. It is a splendid piece, which includes a long quote from our manifesto and a very sympathetic account of our AGM last autumn. It concludes with a ringing endorsement of our latest campaign:

“A by-election has been called for Southend West following the murder by an Islamic fanatic of its MP David Amess. The main parties are not contesting the seat, out of respect they say for the deceased MP, the same reason they did not contest the seat of MP Jo Cox murdered by an alleged right-wing fanatic who was mentally ill.

“It is of course a lie. The election is necessitated by the single most important political question of the day, immigration. David Amess’ alleged murderer is an Islamic terrorist who would not have grown up here had our major political parties not allowed thousands with similar views over the years to enter the country.

“They can’t even say that mass illegal immigration is wrong and unfair on the native English population, because the words ‘English’, ‘Wrong’ or ‘Native population’ are unmentionable. Such words have been written out of our language. What freedom do we have when the Electoral Commission will not let a party that puts its objections to mass immigration on its voting slips into the election booth? Has there ever been such a betrayal? If you live in Southend West, look for the English Democrat candidate on the ballot paper and put your cross there.”