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How Sanctions Will Hurt YOU - video


Who is the real target of the global elite's sanctions against Russia? Is it really Vladimir Putin - or is it you? It's an important - and all too genuine - question. With China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Africa, and the vast majority of the Third World refusing to go along with Washington's sanctions regime, the truth is that its impact on Russia will be short-term and limited. The pain is going to be felt primarily by ordinary people in Europe, Britain and North America.

Already taxed half to death, and routinely ignored or abused by the Westminster elite, the hard-working people of England are going to be hit particularly hard. We all need to ask what is really going on.

Is this merely the result of ignorance and staggering incompetence by the ruling elite, or are they using the Ukraine crisis (which they did so much to incite) as the convenient excuse for a fresh Great Reset attack on our living standards and levels of consumption? After all, forcibly reducing our carbon footprint and cutting the population of the West are openly on the World Economic Forum agenda. They used Covid as the excuse during two years of lies and lockdowns, so why wouldn't they exploit the war in the same way?

In any case, whether it's deliberate or not, the pain of sanctions is going to bite VERY hard indeed in the months and even years ahead. In this useful video clip, American economist Michael Hudson, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, gives us a brief but valuable insight into some of the worst aspects of the coming crunch. Prof Hudson is a former Wall Street analyst and a widely respected political commentator.

In short, he knows what he's talking about. So listen in, and take heed, because to know what's coming is to have a head start in coping with it, and even to come out on top.