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Scottish Govt Demands England Open the Borders to ‘Enrich Society’


Scotland needs mass, low-skilled immigration to “enrich” society and grow the economy, according to Scottish migration minister Ben Macpherson, who described the British government’s Immigration Bill, which was voted through last week, as “deeply worrying” for the supposed restrictions it would put on low-wage, low-skill immigration to Scotland and the wider United Kingdom.

“I don’t use the phrase low-skilled as it’s inaccurate and demeaning,” the Scottish National Party (SNP) minister said, lauding what he described as the “massive” contribution of migrants to Britain’s healthcare system during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This crisis has shown migrants make a huge contribution not just to the economy, but to the enrichment of our society,” he told the Daily Record.

“There are some people — including some politicians — who have not appreciated the contribution of migrants in the past, but I think generally the public do,” he said.

Despite only six per cent of Scots wanting to see more immigration to Scotland, where the population is now at a record high, Macpherson went on to demand that Westminster draw up plans to allow Holyrood to meet the country’s migration “needs”.

“The new immigration system envisaged by the UK Government is deeply worrying because it will stop us being able to staff our key sectors in the short term, and will hamper our economic growth in the medium term,” he claimed.

“In the longer-term, our demographic challenges are stark. We have a declining birth rate, which means all our working-age population growth has come from migration."