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Seven foreign criminals who should be deported walk free EACH DAY


Seven foreign criminals a day are being released from prison on to Britain's streets instead of being deported.

Figures show 2,552 have been freed into the community in the past 12 months after completing jail sentences.

In total, a record 9,987 foreign national offenders are now living in the community, Home Office data reveals. It is up more than 150 per cent on the number in 2012, when the total stood at less than 4,000.

More than 2,600 foreign criminals have been living in the community for more than five years after completing their jail terms and more than 3,400 have been on the streets for 12 months or more.

Under current rules, any foreign criminal sentenced to more than 12 months in prison is liable for automatic deportation after finishing their sentence.

The number on the streets has surged because of Covid restrictions, with a record 846 freed between April and June.

Hundreds won their freedom after applying for bail under laws which say they can only be kept in immigration detention if there is a 'realistic prospect of imminent removal'.

Because international flights were grounded in the early stages of the pandemic, the criminals successfully argued that they should be freed. Instead of staying locked up until they are thrown out, they are released to be 'managed in the community'. Many abscond, potentially putting the public in danger.