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Shut the door – before it’s too late! [Video]


Muslim extremists will bring terror to the streets of Ireland. It’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, according to an Irish girl who converted to Islam and mixed with Islamist extremists, before turning her back on their violence and hatred.

“I’m sure they will attack Ireland” said the young woman, named as “Aliya M”, during a worrying interview with the Irish Independent.

Asked how she could be so sure, she spoke from behind a veil and dark glasses to reveal that she had met the 7/7 London bombers not just in the English capital, but also in Dublin and Limerick. She met the Islamists ‘more than twenty times’, listening as they spoke about killing ‘infidels’ in indiscriminate terror attacks.

Aliya says they told her that there are “at least 100 to 150” radical Islamists in Ireland, with their fellow extremists in London seeing Ireland as a ‘soft touch’, on account of the ease with which they can slip into the country via Belfast. Security there is lax and the Irish government is also guilty of a failure to take effective action to deal with the threat.

The same interview saw a leading Ireland-based Imam accuse the government of not doing enough. He revealed that Anjem Choudary and other Islamist hate preachers have visited Ireland, and that the government either didn’t know or don’t care.

This fits with the picture we all get whenever we see members of the out-of-touch political and media elites boasting about how their open door immigration policy is literally changing the face of Ireland.

If they really think that allowing mass Muslim immigration will make the extremists so ‘grateful’ that they won’t bomb their own doorstep, they need to remember the English thought that too. And we all know how that ended!