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Covid19(84): Is ANOTHER Shutdown already planned for the New Year?


The disgraced former government advisor, Professor Neil Ferguson, has said that there could be a third nationwide lockdown in January.

On Thursday, England will go into full lockdown with all non-essential shops closed and the public ordered to stay at home except for buying food, or going to work or school. Strict social distancing rules also prevent the mixing of households, including families.

Professor Ferguson, whose modelling was instrumental in designing the March lockdown, said on Monday that even with the country having gone through two lockdowns, Englishmen might have to face a third in the New Year.

“We always anticipated that the outcome of this pandemic would be on/off measures… It is quite possible, unfortunately, that we may have to revisit this again come early January or something,” the Imperial College epidemiologist told Times Radio on Monday.

Ferguson had consulted for the UK government on its coronavirus pandemic strategy. But he was forced to resign from his position in May after it was revealed he had twice allowed his married lover to travel to his home, in contravention of his own lockdown rules.

It would not be the first time Ferguson had put a dampener Christmas. Last month, he had said that “people will die” if families get together for the holidays.