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4,000 boat migrants have ALREADY landed this year


Another 190 migrants arrived in the UK on small boats on Thursday, bringing the total to 4,000 this year already. 

At least 4,087 people have made the illegal journey across the Channel in 132 boats according to official Home Office figures - a number which wasn't reached until June in 2021.   

March alone has seen 2,603 migrants arrive on English soil - more than the total number of people who made the 21-mile journey across the Dover Strait in January, February, March and April combined last year, and almost triple the 831 who arrived in the entirety of March in 2021.

The busiest day this year was March 15 which saw 405 people reach the UK in 12 boats. If course, if the good weather continues into next week, that number may yet be 'beaten' before the end of the month!