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Sleepy Joe and Boozy Boris Pushing for Insane War


With US and British ‘intelligence’ agencies issuing more and more ‘WMD’-style war propaganda, even the Ukrainians are pushing back against the insane attempt to provoke Russia into conflict.

Joe Biden has just refused to fly to an emergency meeting in Ukraine, despite President Volodymyr's Zelensky urgently requesting the US president to visit. Last week, the Ukrainians complained that the hysterical Nato ‘warnings’ of an imminent invasion are unfounded and provocative.

True to form, Boris Johnson seems to be doing his best to inflame the far-off crisis, in order to detract public attention from his ‘partygate’ woes and a possible leadership challenge at home.

If you do wake up later this week and find that we’re at war, you’ll know exactly who to blame!