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Migrant boasted on social media about entering the UK illegally


An illegal migrant who last month crossed to England in a small boat has been caught gloating about the ease with which he has been able to ‘disappear’.

Elvis Zoto, 19, boasted on social media about entering the UK illegally and even posted a picture of his Home Office registration form that shows the Albanian arrived in Dover on June 29.

He claims to have been moved from detention to a hotel after just two days and says he promptly escaped by climbing through a window. Asylum seekers are required to maintain contact with the Home Office as part of their release and to inform the authorities of any new address.

A video posted on Zoto’s TikTok social media account earlier this month shows him sitting outside a cafe on a busy London street. The video is accompanied by laughing emojis. Separate images show Zoto posing with huge wads of £20 and £50 banknotes.

Approached by a reporter posing as an immigrant in France, Zoto claimed the journey to the UK was easy, but advised them to ‘hurry’ with their trip because ‘the law will change soon’.

Asked about the dangers of crossing the Channel on a small boat, he said: ‘Do not be scared of it. I arrived on a boat. A journey that doesn’t need a lot of money and the best for you . . . Hurry up and do not wait long. The law will change soon. It will get worse.’

In a later message, he added: ‘They keep you in detention a maximum of two days, then send you to a hotel. In the detention centre it’s good conditions. You tell them you are married and that’s the end of the story. You have to get away from the hotel and just wait for your relatives to get you in a car. I left from the window of that hotel . . . I disappeared . . . Keep a low profile and after a month get a solicitor.’

He also told the undercover reporter to ignore the threat of removal to Rwanda under the Government’s controversial plan to send migrants to the East African country. 

‘Well that’s what the State says but it’s not true,’ he said.