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Slovakia bans foreigners from entering the country in bid to halt Corona


Slovakia has closed schools and stopped all international travel as it takes drastic measures to battle the growing spread of coronavirus strain COVID-19. The landlocked European country will introduce border checks, stop travel to and from the country and close schools as it steps up measures to combat the disease.

The Czech Republic will also close its borders to travellers coming from Germany and Austria and ban the entry of foreigners coming from other risky countries to contain the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Andrej Babis confirmed on Thursday.

In the United States all American citizens have been asked to 'reconsider' leaving the country as the global spread of coronavirus escalates.

The State Department has increased the Worldwide Travel Advisory to Level 3: Reconsider Travel.

It came shortly after President Donald Trump revealed a planned ban on non-US nationals, who have traveled through 26 European countries, entering the US.