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England needs patriotic police chiefs!


The English Democrats is intending to stand a candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner in Lincolnshire.

Police and Crime Commissioners have replaced the previous largely ineffective and anonymous Police Authorities with a Directly Elected Police Commissioner with the power to hire and fire the Chief Constable and to allocate the Police Force’s budget and to set priority policies.

Our slogan for this election will be 'English Democrats -"MORE POLICE - CATCHING CRIMINALS!"

MORE POLICE - CATCHING CRIMINALS! Traditional English Law and Order; Cracking down on real criminals and gangs. Criminals should be afraid, not good citizens!

At last nationalists have a chance of obtaining a measure of REAL power! We need all true patriots to stand united in these elections.

English Democrats – “MORE POLICE – Catching Criminals!”
I believe that it is criminals that should be afraid not good citizens will have ZERO tolerance to political correctness in this area; instead I shall focus our police on traditional English law and order cracking down on real criminals and gangs.

When I say our priority will be “more police catching criminals” I mean it! It’s time we freed the police from their PC shackles and let them get on with the job they are paid to do.