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Soubry admits plotting with Bercow in Parliament


Remainer MP Anna Soubry has admitted she is colluding with the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow and it is thought she may be part of the plot to see him installed as interim Prime Minister.

Soubry said:

“Ian Blackford took the lead on this, this is why we are all somewhat cheesed off. It is annoying when people say we are not all united and working together because we are. Ian applied for what we call for an SO24. We wanted to have this humble address, in other words, we wanted to get all of these really important documents about no deal.

It is because we feel that we have to make this argument, to keep on explaining to the British people why a no-deal Brexit is so dangerous for our country. We also need to focus on why it unites us across the political divide. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts,  including the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats, the Speaker refused it. We don’t know why but we will be asking that but this shows the sort of work we are doing together.

I think people do need to understand that there are other works that is going on. Frankly, no disrespect to your good self and others, we are not going to talk about this work in the media because it is so important that we do things properly.”

The Sky News host interrupted saying: “What you mean is you want to catch the government off guard while they are all up in Manchester.”

Soubry then replied: “No not at all actually. We are confident that there won’t be contentious votes this week for all sorts of reasons.”

He then came back in saying: “Why not, tell us why not?”

Soubry then let the cat out the bag and admitted: “Because the Speaker has effectively told us so.”

This gives us patriots categorical proof, if proof was needed, that the Speaker is colluding with Remainer MPs and attempting to thwart the will of the electorate.