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Election Day: Southend West


Vote English Democrats TODAY! - or watch for the result tomorrow if you don't live in Southend West

Our candidate, Catherine Blaiklock, says the country needs "to look at the cost of immigration and what else is happening in the country in terms of other costs".

"I'm particularly interested in fuel costs, inflation, tax rises and standard of living drops, particularly the fuel issue," she says.

"We have a massive housing crisis in this country, we have council house queues... we basically can't sustain our health service [and] our roads.

"Even people who are pro immigration have to accept that there is a finite amount of land in our country, there is a finite amount of housing that can possibly be put up and there's a finite amount of money that the NHS and other people can have."

She adds she would tackle problems in the NHS by tying trained doctors to work within it, as many either train and work part-time or "decide they don't like it".

"It's simple," she says, "[you do] the same as you do with the Army. If you're trained, you're contracted for 10 years."

To tackle the cost of living crisis, the UK should "go full blast on exploration of oil and gas in the North Sea and build gas storage," she says.

"We have continued to build green energy... it is unreliable, we will end up with more people dying of hypothermia in the next five years than we ever will from climate change."