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Southend West Elections


The Southend West by-election is the result of a tragic political assassination. Sadly it is the worst example to date of a failing asylum system and mass, often uncontrolled, immigration.


This by-election is a referendum on mass and illegal migration. Our population has risen from 50 million to 70 million, almost entirely due to inward migration but the voters have never been given a say on it - now they do.

For fourteen years we have listened to Conservative lies about reducing migration and deporting illegal immigrants - just words and gimmicks: ‘We will send them back’ - no you haven’t. How many did you deport last year? Was it 3?  We will reduce immigration to a hundred thousand - the next year 300,000 net arrive and something like 600,000 new National Insurance numbers are issued.


We are full up especially in the South East. Ordinary working people are priced out of housing, both buying and now even renting, roads are choked, GP lists ever lengthen, schools are full, deficits increase, services are cut and now rampant inflation is about to start. What do the Conservatives do?  Tax people more, raise National insurance and add more mad green energy policies to a critical fuel situation. People are going to die of hyperthermia because of fuel bills before anyone ever dies of climate change.



The Conservative party is also supposed to be the party of law and order:  7% of crime was solved last year. Obviously for the 93% that were not caught, crime pays.


And worst of all, whilst we were all locked down and they were partying, the biggest corruption scandal ever took place. £6,000,000,000 (£6 billion or 1p on income tax) of fake Covid loans were given out to liars and criminals - 1000 to companies that were not even trading at the time of Covid.


This is the biggest scandal of the century. Whilst you are getting ever increasing council tax bills and being prosecuted for not paying a few hundred pounds on a TV licence, our government gave away 60,000 loans of £100,000 each or 120,000 loans of £50,000 each - without checking.


There is a vast proportion of the electoral that is fed up - fed up with lies, costs, the Prime Minister’s wife seemingly running the country and a Conservative party that is STILL trying to halt or overturn Brexit. Millions are politically homeless because there is really not much to chose from between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.


It’s time to vote this hopeless party out and get a real Patriot who cares about the country. Just a one seat win and everything will change because people will believe they have something worth voting for and that a small party like The English Democrats whose slogan is ‘Protect our borders’ can actually win and it is not a wasted vote.