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Attacker stabs multiple people on LIVE STREAM in German city


Multiple people have been injured after a knifeman apparently stabbed members of the public on a YouTube live stream in the German city of Mannheim.

The assailant, wearing a green t-shirt under a black tracksuit, was caught on video attacking workers outside a campaign tent for German anti-Islamist campaign group Citizens' Movement Pax Europa (BPE) in Mannheim's Marktplatz square at 11.30am local time yesterday (Friday) morning. 

The live-streamed footage was uploaded by 59-year-old hard-right German activist Michael Stürzenberger - who was was reportedly also targeted by the knifeman - as part of "Eyes Open!", an ongoing rally tour for the BPE.

The video began with around 12 minutes of peaceful recording in the square - but as workers began setting up placards and speakers for the event, the footage descended into chaos.

After attacking and tussling with a member of BPE staff, two more workers and another person waded in to attempt to apprehend the attacker.

But after evading efforts to restrain him, the man was then seen rampaging through Marktplatz with a bloodied knife in hand, rushing towards and stabbing members of the public - including a police officer.

In the shocking footage, the knifeman can also be seen apparently stabbing a police officer in the back of his neck as he attempted to restrain another person.

More bystanders could be seen attempting to get a hold of the attacker before dozens of armed police swooped in, shooting him.

After he had been shot, the attacker was seen lying still on the ground; a later police statement confirmed that he had been "injured".

A hero bystander - who had been tackled by police off-camera - could then be seen throwing the knife away as officers piled in to defuse the situation.

Paramedics were seen treating at least three victims at the scene, while a police cordon has been put in place. Authorities reassured locals that there was "no danger to the public" in the wake of the attack.

BPE treasurer Stefanie Kizina told German outlet BILD: "This was not an attack, but an act of terror. The attack happened before the event even started, it must have been planned well in advance. Criticism of religion must be allowed, it is a core element of the European Enlightenment!"

Kizina said Stürzenberger "was hit in the leg and face and is undergoing emergency surgery", adding that "his life is apparently not in danger".

She added that this was the second serious attack on the activist, after he was punched in the face in Bonn in 2022.

A police statement said: "According to the information available so far, there was an attack on several people on the market square in Mannheim at around 11.35am [Friday].

"One person is said to have attacked several people with a knife and injured them.

"The extent and severity of the injuries are not yet known. A firearm was then used against the attacker. The attacker was also injured as a result.

"Rescue and emergency services as well as the rescue helicopter are in action. There is no danger to the public. Rail traffic is closed between the Kurpfalz roundabout and Paradeplatz until further notice."