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Brexit: England is STILL paying the EU


The United Kingdom has still been paying billions of pounds to the European Union as Brussels bureaucrats squander cash on aid projects.

Britain’s post-Brexit payments for leaving the bloc increased by 60 per cent to £9.3billion last year.

The figure previously stood at £5.8billion in 2021, data compiled by the Office for National Statistics has shown.

Britain’s payments stand higher than at moments when the UK was part of the EU.

The UK made an estimated post-rebate gross contribution of £17billion in its last full year of EU membership, with a net contribution of £12.6billion

In another blow to hard-pressed British taxpayers the EU’s financial watchdog found around £7billiom was paid out by the bloc in error in 2022.

The UK agreed to make payments to the EU under the terms of Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Downing Street previously rejected an EU estimate of a total bill of nearly £41billion.

It instead insisted the figure stood between £35billion and £39billion.

However, a more recent estimate suggested the bill stood at £42.5billion.