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Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge


Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge

In 1939 one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time was being uncovered at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk - the Great Ship Burial that's thought to be the final resting place of an Anglo-Saxon king. ...Now YOU can own a little piece of history as we had faithfully reproduced the world famous iconic Saxon Mask discovered in the burial ship.

This exclusive Limited Edition Pin Badge takes you back to our 6-7th  ancestors and is FREE !  You are asked only to deal with the p+p as this is about celebrating our rich English history and bringing to life the ancient and wonderful historical narrative of who WE are and where we came from as a people.

If YOU are English and take that seriously then do NOT miss out on this very special offer. You can order your FREE Sutton Hoo lapel badge :