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Teachers Spreading Anti-Brexit Propaganda at Slough School


Pupils at a school in Slough are accusing teachers of peddling anti-Brexit “propaganda.”

The sixth form students at St Joseph’s Catholic High School told the Metro that teachers have told them supporting a second referendum “would be in their interest” as they are “all going to lose their jobs” because of Brexit.

The pupils speaking to the freesheet tabloid said that teachers had made anti-Brexit comments in the past, but the issue came to a head in last Wednesday’s assembly which was described as highly politicised, prompting them to expose the issue to the public.

One 17-year-old described how his teacher was criticising Brexit, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“He was talking about how Brexit was bad for us and how Brexit was going to affect us really badly then he got up a picture of Boris Johnson, mocking him,” the youth said.

Holding up a picture of climate activist wunderkind Greta Thunberg after holding up photographs of President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson, the teacher reportedly said: “We’re going to remember her, we’re not going to remember these two.”

Another told the Metro that one teacher told him and others at an “enrichment session” last year to back a second referendum, the young man saying: “He just tells us about how Brexit isn’t good for us and how it’s going to ruin our future.”

The Sixth Form pupils — aged 16 to 18 — also expressed concern at what effect this indoctrination could have on younger children.

“You could pretty much mould them,” one said. “Tell them what you want and they will start believing it. I fear that this is happening across the country in schools. It’s not really their place to do so.”

A survey of teachers’ voting intensions from 2017 proved the widely-observed trend of leftist thought dominating British schools. The Times Educational Supplement study found that 72 per cent of secondary school teachers would back Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, while only eight per cent would vote for the Conservatives. The numbers were similar for primary school teachers, with 65 per cent backing Labour and just seven per cent voting Conservative.

However, despite the domination of leftist and anti-Brexit voices in schools, a number of reports have suggested that young Britons are turning their backs on establishment-approved opinions.

Think tank Onward reported that young voters are turning their backs on liberalism and globalism and becoming more “authoritarian”, with 66 per cent of 25- to 34-year-olds backing a ‘strongman’ leader, with 36 per cent of that age group also backing army rule rather than the current democratic system.

If teachers today think pupils are on their side, then they know NOTHING of the young rebellious mind, one inculcated by nature since time immemorial.