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Teens to Be Taught How to Treat Knife Wounds in Labour-Run Cities


Teenagers as young as 14 will be given field training courses on how to properly treat knife crime victims in three left-leaning cities in England.

The Young Responders programme, launched by St John Ambulance, will see teens taught “lifesaving first aid skills” in the Labour Party-run cities of London, Manchester, and Leeds over the next two years.

St John Ambulance, which admitted that knife crime had become a “major concern”, said in a statement: “We know that in the moment of handling an incident, adrenaline can take over.

“The practical training we provide means that the response can be more instinctive and help a young person make the difference to the person in need.”

The first aid charitable NGO went on to say that many stabbing victims believe that they “cannot ask for help” for fear of facing criminal prosecution themselves.

London saw 126 homicides in 2020, 15 of whom were teenagers.