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The Blair Creature Bidded for EU Cash While Campaigning Against Brexit


Former British Prime Minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair held talks with the EU about receiving funding for his personal institute while campaigning to frustrate the Brexit.

Blair had talks with senior EU officials this year over funding for The Tony Blair Institute (TBI) and even discussed moving the body to a European nation to prevent it being cut off from Brussels cash after Brexit, British newspaper the Daily Telegraph has reported.

The paper notes these discussions were ongoing at the same time that Mr Blair was campaigning in Britain to overturn the outcome of the 2016 referendum where the British people voted to leave the European Union by a margin of over a million votes.

Re-running referendums that go against the European Union’s interests is a well-worn tactic, and has been held up as an example of the EU’s authoritarian approach to democracy for years.

Among those who have condemned the tactic is Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who was a frequent critic of the European Union before he was forced to modify his position to lead the party.

Tony Blair has been one of the most persistent campaigners for a second referendum to nullify the first and has said the vote should have been reversible.

While Mr Blair has admitted Brexit will now go ahead since the general election this year returned a significant Conservative majority, he has insisted if Labour had followed his lead on pushing to nullify the Brexit referendum, the results could have been very different.

It is no secret that Tony Blair has done well since leaving British politics. Now, we are getting an insight into where all his riches have come from!