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The English Democrats candidate for the Wakefield By-Election is Thérèse Hirst


The important Wakefield by-election is now in full swing!

Our great candidate, Thérèse Hirst, will hit the campaign hard. Our main leaflets have prepared to be dropped through thousands of doors.

Now we need YOU to back her in this campaign to remind the voters that there is moderate, but principled, ENGLISH VOICE on the ballot papers.

This really matters. The media are concentrating on the fight for first place between Labour and the Tories, but there’s another important electoral struggle going on in Wakefield - and it’s one that the ENGLISH DEMOCRATS can be the voice for the English people.

As a party we appreciated your support in our last by-elections but it’s really important that we do the same again this time, because our people deserve a decent ENGLISH VOICE.

So please, dig as deep as you can to help Thérèse Hirst and the English Democrats beat the elite at the same time as sending a powerful message to Westminster: We’re tired of being ignored and taken for granted!