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This Day in History - 30th June English expedition under Lord Howard of Effingham and the Earl of Essex attacked Cadiz, ravaged the Spanish coast, and captured much booty. Philip II was thus prevented from sending an Armada against England. Battle of Adwalton Moor (also called Atherton Moor) in the English Civil War. The Royalists, under the Earl of Newcastle, defeated the Parliamentarians. by pillory was finally abolished in Britain. birth of Harold (Joseph) Laski, English politician and economist who campaigned for social reforms. He became chairman of the Labour Party in 1945.'s Tower Bridge was officially opened to traffic by the Prince of Wales. After the ceremony the bascules were raised to allow a flotilla of ships and boats to sail down the Thames. world's first emergency telephone number, 999, was introduced in London. 999 was chosen was because it could be dialled on the old rotary dial telephones by placing a finger against the dial stop and rotating the dial to the full extent three times, even in the dark or in dense smoke. This enabled all users, including the visually impaired, to easily dial the emergency number. total eclipse of the sun spread from America, through Europe and on to Asia.‘I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas’, written and performed by arch-Goon Spike Milligan, entered the British singles chart ..... six months after Christmas. British Egg Marketing Board stamped a crowned lion on British eggs as a sign of freshness. In the first week 80% of all eggs sold carried the stamp. London production of the stage musical Oliver opened in the West End.


1969 preparation for his investiture as Prince of Wales the following day in Caernarfon, Prince Charles spent the night at Ruthin Castle. aboard the Concorde jet observed a 72 minute solar eclipse. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took her place in the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven. handed Hong Kong back to China at midnight, when the 99 year lease expired. blazing vehicle, packed with gas canisters, was driven into the front of the Glasgow airport's Terminal One building in a suspected terror attack. The failed terror attacks were to prove a serious first test for new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who had taken over at Number 10 and unveiled his first Cabinet revamp only the day before., the hawk that patrolled Wimbledon's tennis courts to frighten away pigeons, was stolen from a car parked outside his owner's home. Three days later he was returned, to a national animal charity in London.