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Over 3,500 migrants have already crossed in small boats this year


More than 150 illegal migrants were intercepted by UK Border Force crossing the Channel in small boats on Saturday - the same day Home Secretary Suella Braverman inspected a Rwanda deportation centre.

The Home Office confirme that a total of 155 illegal migrants were detained, while four dinghies were intercepted.

It brings the total figure for 2023 to 3,562 in 83 boats as the Home Secretary attempts to bring illegal crossings under control.

Supposedly tough new measures will see any asylum seeker arriving illegally on small boats indefinitely banned from re-entering the country. The Illegal Migration Bill is also expected to further prevent migrants from using human rights laws to avoid removal from Britain.

The latest 155 migrants to arrive come after more than 100 made the treacherous journey on Friday.

A total of 45,728 people made the journey across the 21-mile Dover Straits in 1,104 boats last year, compared to 28,526 in 2021.

And officials have predicted the number of people crossing the Channel in small boats could double this year - potentially reaching up to 80,000.