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Tiny Cumbrian town told they must house 40 asylum seekers


A small and remote seaside town with a housing shortage has been told it must find accommodation for up to forty asylum seekers in a move which has enraged local residents.

The tiny Cumbrian town is being told to use eight homes to house asylum seekers, with local police increasing patrols after the accommodation was vandalised.

Millom, a coastal community with a population just over 7,000, is looking to convert a number of properties into Houses of Multiple Occupancy.

The homes will be used to home around 40 overseas newcomers.

The plan could leave developers pocketing annual returns of up to 15 per cent on their investment costs.

A terraced house, which often costs less than £100,000, was left with graffiti emblazoned across it following the announcement.

Large black letters drawn on one property spelt out: “Not welcome scum.”

Officers responded by ramping up patrols in the area and the local authority called for calm in the area.

The local council and mayor oppose the proposals due to the shortage of homes and infrastructure already facing existing residents.

A Home Office spokesperson added: “We condemn any vandalism in the strongest possible terms. We have always been upfront about the unprecedented pressure being put on our asylum system, brought about by a significant increase in dangerous and illegal journeys into the country over recent years.

“The Home Office has a duty to provide safe and secure housing for asylum seekers and we are continuing to work closely with local authorities in Millom, to manage any impact in the area and address the local communities concerns.”