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Tommy silhouette defaced with a 'crude, phallic symbol'


Mindless vandals have sprayed a First World War memorial with a 'crude phallic symbol,' in Witham, Essex.

Protests in recent weeks have resulted in a statue of Winston Churchill being defaced in Parliament Square, London and a monument to slave trader Edward Colston being torn down and thrown into Bristol Harbour.

Over the weekend Witham Town Council discovered a painted silhouette of a Tommy soldier had been painted on, in an 'incomprehensible symbol of disrespect'. 

Clerk of the Essex town James Sheehy told Braintree and Witham Times: 'Incomprehensible ignorance can be the only possible explanation for why somebody can deface a memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice with a crude, phallic symbol.'

It's understood the council is now trying to remove the graffiti while keeping the memorial in tact. 

Mr Sheehy added: "The council is dismayed and disappointed that such an unscrupulous act can be carried out so carelessly.

"It is hoped that the memorial can be restored to its former glory without damage.

"Witham Town Council wishes to assure citizens that no expense will be spared to make right this nauseating misdeed."