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Child abusers will be jailed for LIFE under Tony's Law


Child abusers could face life in jail, up from the current maximum of 14 years, thanks to new tougher sentences being put into force from this week.

The change comes from Tony's Law, named after Tony Hudgell, now seven, who lost both legs after being tortured by his parents.

Jody Simpson and Tony Smith got just ten years in prison, which was the maximum punishment for child cruelty offences at the time.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill amendment has been pushed through by Justice Secretary and Deputy PM Dominic Raab following a campaign by Tony's adoptive parents Paula and Mark Hudgell.

Mr Raab said: 'I pay tribute to Tony and his adoptive parents, Paula and Mark. This is a victory for them.'

The law change will bring an end to soft sentences for child abusers such as Baby P's killer Jason Owen, who was let off with a six-year stretch in 2009. 

Anyone who now causes or allows the death of a child or vulnerable adult in their care will face up to life imprisonment, rather than 14 years.

The maximum penalty for child cruelty causing or allowing serious physical harm will rise from 10 years to 14 years.