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Tories at fifth place in EU Polls


Theresa May's Conservative Party have fallen to fifth place in EU election polls, as talks with Corbyn's Labour party continue.

The Tory collapse has been stunning, with a party that has billed itself as “the natural party of government”, and claims to be the longest-lived active political party in the world now polling at just 10 per cent, according to a new YouGov survey.

The failure of the CUK party to break through bodes extremely poorly for the electoral prospects of the “Remain Resistance” led by the likes of Tony Blair, given it was supposed to serve as a Remainer answer to the Brexit Party.

The better known Liberal Democrats, who are also campaigning on an anti-Brexit platform — with the somewhat contentious assistance of EU politicians like Guy Verhofstadt — are faring slightly better with their demand for a second referendum appealing to Labour Remain voters. Labour are sitting on 16% of the vote according to polls.

This election is an opportunity for The English Democrats to smash the two-party racket and bring our legal case against the government to the attention of the public. Our ongoing case is the last hope to secure genuine freedom from the EU and retake our country, restore democracy and secure our borders. 

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