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Trans Males Can Stay in Female NHS Wards


According to new NHS guidance rules, hospitals should accommodate transgenders “according to their presentation” — i.e., “the way they dress and the name and pronouns” they use.

It adds this does not depend on whether they have legally changed their gender and “may not always accord with the physical sex appearance of the chest or genitalia”.

The guidance, entitled Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation, reiterates those who have undergone transition “should be accommodated according to their gender presentation. Different genital or breast sex appearance is not a bar to this.” (emphasis original.)

If a person’s “presented gender” is not immediately observable, admission and triage staff should “ask discreetly where the person would be most comfortably accommodated. They should then comply with the patient’s preference immediately, or as soon as practicable.”

“Non-binary individuals, who do not identify as being male or female, should also be asked discreetly about their preferences, and allocated to the male or female ward according to their choice,” the document adds.

Dr Nicola Williams of the Fair Play For Women campaign group called the guidelines “shocking”. She told The Telegraph on Tuesday it means that “the privacy and dignity of women goes out the window”.

“There has been no consideration for the needs of women in this guidance at all,” Dr Williams added.

Sexual confusion and a wilful ignorance of biological realities is a clear sign of our increasingly insane, PC-driven society. A society that deliberately separates itself from from reality will, in time, cease to be!