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Migrant Crisis: TWO THOUSAND have made journey in 2024


More than 2,000 small boat migrants have crossed the English Channel so far this year, after another 290 arrived in Dover on Sunday.

Border Force vessels intercepted at least six small boats in UK waters on Sunday 25th, after people smugglers took advantage of a brief weather window.

The arrivals were the first small boat crossings since Saturday February 17, when 111 people made the journey in three small boats.

Those Sunday arrivals, mainly men, were taken to the Border Force migrant processing centre in Dover.

It is understood that they were picked up from two separate small boats that left the coast of France in the early hours of Sunday.

Four hours after the first drop-off, the Border Force vessel Typhoon arrived in Dover, packed out with migrants.

By late afternoon, Border officials had intercepted at least one more small boat as it crossed into UK waters.

Fifty five migrants from that boat were landed at Dover harbour by the Border Force vessel Hurricane just before 5pm.

Border Force officials are preparing for the possibility of more migrant arrivals when weather conditions are expected to improve again midweek.