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Tyrannical Bercow defies the people…Again!!!


Arch traitor John Bercow has blocked a parliamentary vote on the new Brexit deal, defying the wishes of the people...AGAIN!!!

Bercow, has ruled that he will not permit MPs to have a “meaningful vote” on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal today.

Most normal countries would be in a state of civil war if their rights had been trampled underfoot like this!

He then went on to announce he would not allow a straight yes/no vote on the deal.

And to add insult to injury, the EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, has met with European ambassadors to “decide” whether to grant us an extension on Brexit.

We will be locked into the EU for another year…or more!

The decision means Mr. Johnson must now press ahead with legislation to ratify the deal without certainty that it has the backing of the Commons.

Another year of England being bled dry by Europe’s fat cats!

It is times like this I despair for the future of our beloved country.  If our ancestors, those brave men that fought, bled and died in the trenches of Europe in defense of liberty and Democracy could see us now, what would they think?

Traitors in the media, in the courts, in Parliament; wherever we look, we see liberal elitists trying to thwart the will of the people time and time again.

Are you just going to sit there and take this treachery lying down?

It is time for Patriotic Englishmen to rally to our cause. Brexit will NEVER be implemented as long as people put their faith in our lying political class.

Labour, Tories and the Liberal Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen our rights and freedoms. What do you have to lose by backing us?

It is time to join an honest, upfront, patriotic party, that puts the interests of England first. The English Democrats are that party.