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ISIS fanatic who entered England illegally is given UK citizenship


An ISIS fanatic who MI5 warns poses a terror threat to Britain has been granted the right to live in the UK after sneaking into the country illegally.

Judges have ruled that the Sudanese man can remain here on human rights grounds, despite evidence from the Security Services that he may be a danger and might encourage other extremists to launch attacks in the UK.

The judges' ruling was based on the risk that if he was sent back to Sudan, he might be detained and tortured.

The decision was made despite the court hearing that the man – who, by law, we are only allowed to know as 'S3' – first entered Britain illegally 18 years ago and was granted asylum, before travelling regularly between this country and Sudan without any issues.

MI5 warned judges that the man is an ISIS propagandist who spread vile material calling for jihad against the West.

The court heard British officials stripped him of his UK passport in 2018 over fears of the threat he posed, but that he had managed to sneak back into Britain illegally for a second time. Last month, immigration judges ruled he can remain living here and granted him lifelong anonymity.

Court documents reveal MI5 warned that the man 'had demonstrated a commitment to the extremist ideology of ISIS'.

The documents state: 'There was a realistic possibility that [he] would seek to radicalise other individuals and encourage them to engage in Islamist extremist activities.'

The suspected jihadi can now live freely in the country without neighbours, work colleagues and the public knowing that he is potentially a dangerous terrorist who wants to launch deadly attacks in Britain.

The court documents reveal how S3 entered the country illegally in July 2005, days after the 7/7 attacks on the London Underground network. He claimed asylum immediately, stating he would be tortured if was sent back to Sudan.

Despite Home Office attempts to deport him, S3 was given indefinite leave to remain in Britain. He was granted British citizenship in 2015.

During a four-month stay in Sudan from December 2016, MI5 received intelligence that S3 had become an ISIS propagandist and was disseminating the group's messages on social media.

It is not known who S3 associated with in Khartoum, Sudan, during his stay – but at the time, the city's University of Medical Sciences and Technology had become a major ISIS recruiting ground. More than 20 British medical students studying there went to Syria to join ISIS.