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UK Schools Teaching 6yr Olds About Masturbation


English schools are teaching children as young as six about “stimulating” their own genitals, following the government updating the national sex education curriculum.

The lessons are part of the All About Me sex education programme being taught to six- to ten-year-olds, with children being taught “self-stimulation” and that touching their own “private parts” in bed or in the bath is perfectly normal, according to documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

The lessons are being taught at 241 primary schools across Warwickshire County Council and as part of sex education classes.

Under a section entitled ‘Touching Myself’ targetted at six- and seven-year-olds, teachers are told to explain to the young children that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice” which may include touching their “private parts”. The teachers were told to make clear that even if someone may said that masturbating is “dirty”, they should tell their young charges that it is “very normal”.

Children are to be taught “rules about self-stimulation” such as that it is “not polite” to touch your genitals in public, but should be done in the bathroom or in bed. In one lesson, pupils are told a girl called Autumn “has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice.”

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) classes for all schoolchildren from the age of four have been made mandatory by the Conservative government from September 2020, and the All About Me lesson cycle could be introduced by other school districts across the country.

Two parents pulled their sons out of lessons at Coten End Primary School in Warwick during the week the programme was taught, which is currently the right of any British parent. However, the government has made RSE classes mandatory from next year and parents will not be allowed to withdraw their young children from learning about masturbation or other topics set to be taught including gay relationships and transgenderism.

The notionally Conservative government has set out a broad and vague guidance on RSE and for age-appropriate lessons; however, individual schools, authorities, and lesson providers will produce content they deem fit for topic and age which the parents cannot object to.

People in this country should be taking a stand against legalised perversions. But like the half million raped white girls by mainly Pakistani Muslim gangs- it will be the poorer kids that will be abused and nobody will do a thing