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More than 300 migrants reached UK in small boats this weekend


The Ministry of Defence has confirmed seven boats were intercepted in the English Channel and brought to shore.

On Saturday, 321 people were bought ashore, but there were no intercepted crossings and nobody was brought to shore on Sunday.

Last week was the busiest week for Channel crossings recently, likely due to the warm weather and calm seas providing ideal weather conditions.

Some 1,512 people were brought to shore after being intercepted in the Channel.

The busiest week for Channel crossings so far this year was April 11 to 17, where 1,792 people were brought to shore.

Crossings have continued despite the threat of asylum seekers being sent to Rwanda under new Home Office plans.

The first flight to Rwanda, planned for Tuesday, was cancelled at the last-minute following an order from the European Court of Human Rights.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has previously described the court’s decision as politically motivated while Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said it was wrong for the injunction to be granted.

Ongoing court battles have created uncertainty over when any further attempts to fly asylum seekers to the African country will be made.