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£9 MILLION raised from Ulez fines in just SIX WEEKS


Sadiq Khan's Transport for London raised more than £8.8 million from Ulez fines in six weeks after the scheme was expanded to cover the whole of London.

A total of 97,786 fines were handed out in that period.

Drivers are fined £180 if they are caught driving a non-Ulez-compliant vehicle without paying the £12.50 daily fee.

This drops to £90 if paid within 14 days, meaning the total money raised from the fines could range from £8.8 million - up to £17.6 million in just six weeks from September 26, a month after the scheme was expanded, to November 6 2023.

The scheme was expanded to cover the whole of outer London on 29 August 2023.

The Mayor argues that the expansion is necessary to ensure that Londoner breathe clean air, previously saying: "Just like drinking clean water is a right, breathing clean air is a right."

Khan claimed that 19 out of 20 cars are now Ulez compliant which means they do not pay the charge, but still "benefit from cleaner air".

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Toxic air kills and damages Londoners' health on a massive scale. The ULEZ will actually make a net loss within a few years as compliance increases. All revenue raised is currently ringfenced and reinvested back into London’s transport network, like increasing bus services in outer London.

“The ULEZ has proven to be highly effective and is helping to tackle toxic air pollution and protect the health of Londoners. 95 per cent of all vehicles seen driving in London on an average day now meet clean air standards and do not need to pay the ULEZ charge. For the remaining very small minority of Londoners still driving non-compliant vehicles, millions of pounds of scrappage scheme support is still available from the Mayor’s £160m fund.”