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Update from the Election


The Chipping Ongar, Marden Ash and Greensted Ward, where our Party leader Robin Tilbrook stood last week, has c.3,400 registered voters, but the turnout was 28.38% (i.e. about 965 votes were cast).  Of that turnout more than half voted for the Conservative candidate, Basil Vaz, and similar proportions of the electorate continued to vote for many “Conservative” candidates across the District Council. 

The votes were:-

26 Reform Party

144 Liberal Democrats

72 English Democrats

150 Labour

562 Conservative (i.e. about 16.5% of the electorate)

Epping Forest District Council is demographically mostly quite prosperous and fairly middle class.  It includes most of Epping Forest itself and many of its residents were commuters, the majority of whom have enjoyed Lockdown and working from home and are now reluctant to return to their old work pattern. 

Chipping Ongar itself is an outlier of Epping Forest District Council.  It was a historic market town being the capital of the Ongar Hundred.  There is still striking remnants of a major motte and bailey Norman castle situated on the northern bank on what was a ford over the Cripsey Brook, which is a tributary of the Roding River.  To the north-east there was a further ford over the Roding itself, allowing Medieval travellers from London to make their way into the hinterland of East Anglia. 

Cromwell’s and his troopers would regularly have clattered through Ongar on their way from London to the capital of the Eastern Association in Cambridge. One of Cromwell’s relatives is memorialised and buried in Chipping Ongar’s St Martins Church.  The current Rector is a very nice person but she is an emblem of how the Church of England has cast aside traditional English Protestantism in favour of Progressivism.  So has that other local bastion of traditional English values, the Conservative Party.

Ongar’s two Conservative Councillors, Mr Basil Vaz and Mr Paul Keska are both very nice and personable people, but, of course, nobody would expect them to be standard bearers of traditional Englishness.  They can both see the unfairness of the way that England is being treated at the moment by the British State, but they support the direction of travel of the “Conservative” Party under Boris Johnson.  Boris is a Globalist, Liberal Multi-culturalist who has a policy of stealthily increasing mass immigration into England. 

The layout of Ongar’s historic settlement can still be seen, not only in the still pretty high street but also some of the surrounding big houses and cottages, many of which have however been turned into multiple occupancy and their gardens infilled with development.

Several bigger housing estates have been built over the years since the War, the first of which being originally a sizeable council housing estate was built in the 40’s and 50’s on the way to Greensted Hall and the historic Greensted Church, but other housing estates are mostly 70’s.  These are comfortable, but typical of 70’s middle class housing.

The result is that Ongar’s residents, whilst beginning to notice the increase of prices, brought on partly by Lockdown and partly by the Government’s position on the Ukraine conflict, have not yet begun to feel the real discomfort that is coming. 

This lack of awareness is partly created by the extent of collusiveness within the Mainstream Media.  For instance in the Daily Telegraph waited until the day after the elections to run headlines of:- “Bank warns of recession and highest inflation for 40 years”;  “Wall Street rocked by $1.3 trillion market rout - New York traders head for the exit following federal reserve’s biggest rate rise in 22 years”;  “Sterling plummets as Bailey warns of looming recession”; and on the issue of the way the British State dealt with the Coronavirus in England:- “Anti-Lockdown Sweden among the lowest pandemic deaths”. 

It will be interesting to see next year whether English voters will have realised the extent of damage done to their life’s prospects by the current British Political, Financial and Media Establishments.  If they have then the still comfortable “Conservative” Party can expect to face their fully aroused wrath!