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PHE to Vaccinate 5-11 Year Old Children by Spring?


The National Health Service (NHS) is reportedly making preparations to vaccinate children as young as five years old by the Spring.

Leaked plans for Britain’s vaccination rollout allegedly include proposals to jab children between the age of five and 11 years old in a supposed effort to contain the spread of the Covid19 coronavirus.

“Top secret plans reveal what is at stake if we are to achieve a meaningful victory over Covid. Asking parents for permission to jab kids as young as five is in the schedule,” a senior source told The Sun newspaper.

“Nothing is in the public domain yet, and the plans could change, but jabbing young children is backed by many scientists,” the source continued, adding: “It is controversial, but will help us reach our goal.”

A spokesman for NHS England would not deny the veracity of the report, saying per Sky News: “The NHS regularly plans for how it would operationalise opening vaccines to more people so it is ready to extend the jab quickly when and if any decision is recommended by the JCVI.”